Messages   S. Ramesh Inder Singh, Chief Secretary, Punjab

I am delighted to know that the Department of Planning is launching its Website ‘’. The Department of Planning has two organs: Punjab State Planning Board and Economic and Statistical Organization. Punjab State Planning Board is mainly responsible for formulation of Five Year Plans and Annual Plans. It has assumed the new role of facilitator in the implementation of development programmes i.e. Decentralized Planning, scheme for providing assistance to NGOs, Border Area Development Programme etc. The Economic and Statistical Organization is the main source of required data inputs. The success of Planning and its implementation hinges on proper feed back, experts’ contributions and availability of basic data on all socio economic sectors. The effort of the Department of Planning in bringing all the factors together in the Website is commendable. This will ensure transparency and proper monitoring of the State Government’s programmes and consequently more responsive and accountable administration.

 I wish all the success to the Department of Planning.